About the editor of DFJ

 Eurasia Dolls was established in 1994 by Chieko Ogawa to promote talented doll artists of Japan.

 Chieko Ogawa is also in charge of quarterly publication of Doll Forum Japan, the only art doll magazine in Japan, to exchange information , to study the history of Japanese art doll and to keep a record of the present Japanese culture projected through dolls.

 Chieko Ogawa has done a number of presentations on the analysis of Japanese modern art dolls, at such places as Global Doll Society, NIADA and The Japan International Doll and Toy Research Association. She has contributed an article to "DOLLS AT 2000" compiled by UFDC, and collaborated with Doll Reader, Dolls Magazine,Puppen Spielzeug when each featured Japanese doll artists.

 Exhibitions of some outstanding Japanesedoll artists have been held arranged by Chieko Ogawa at The Gathering of Excellence(NY), DAI(Germany),Santa Fe Doll Art, Global Doll Society,NIADA(Special exhibition) and at International Doll Artistry(Hannover,Germany).

 Domestically, Chieko Ogawa has acted the chief organizer of Shin-seiki(the new Millennium) Doll Exhibition(at the Striped House), DFJ Doll Exhibition, Special Exhibition at The Japan International Doll and Toy Research Association. Also, she produces doll exhibitions on a regular basis at Puppet House Gallery. She worked as a consultant for the opening of Sekiguchi Doll Garden as well.

 In Feburuary 2001, Chieko Ogawa held an overseas exhibition, The Gathering of Excellence, at W hotel in New York, which was the first overseas exhibition under her full management with DOLLCO ART.

 In June, Ogawa was invited as an adivisory staff for Mr.Mamoru Oshii's animation film team. The new film will come up in 2004.

 In 2001, Ogawa also organized three exhibitions in Japan. Solo exhibitions: Yuko Yagi(January), Keiko Yamaguchi(November). Group exhibition:Toy Doll by artists (October) Meanwhile she joined International Dollart Exhibiiton in Mullendorf in Germany in September.

 In other hand, Doll Forum Japan organizes an open seminer to seek 'psycoanalysis with dolls' has been held once a month from May 2001. It is a seminer by Dr.Hiroshi Fujita. (www.foujita.com)

 For the latest information, Chieko Ogawa opens a new gallery with her husband Kiyoshi Ogawa. Nonc Platz is located in Fuchu-shi of Tokyo. In the gallery, people meet the chance to see excellent artwork of sculptural work by varied artists.

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